The operational area of the organisation is primarily in a very backward area where there is prevalent of rampant poverty. In the district of Ganjam and Gajapati people depend entirely on agriculture and associated activities for their living. The entire agricultural operation is rain-fed. So during scanty or erratic rainfall, the people have to stare at the prospect of draught. In order to address this problem, CARD is working to provide the people will alternative livelihood sources by using modern methods. During the programme the following programmes were undertaken to enhance and supplement the income sources.


Integrated Development of the Marginalized Community
Mohana Block of Gajapati district is known for its rampant poverty and impoverishment. The marginalised people, especially the dalits & adivasis struggle to arrange two square meals a day for self and family. As the land is infertile and most of them are upland, income from the agricultural fields is not able to sustain the family income round the year. So they have to venture outside the district in search of work. In order to address this problem, CARD with assistance from CAPART, East Zone, Bhubaneswar implemented a programme to enhance the livelihood through the process of empowerment in two GPs of Merapalli and Sikulipadar G.P.s under Mohana block of Gajapati district. Activities like formation and strengthening of SHG, capacity-building and managerial leadership training were provided to the groups to make the groups self-sustainable. As alternative livelihood programme, the organisation provided training in vocational trades of Buffet plate making, stitching of leaf plates. The organisation provided the initial support like machineries, raw materials etc. to start their micro-enterprises. The organisation also provided the initial support to market the entire products. Now the groups have become self-sufficient.

Skill up gradation training to unemployment youth for SC, ST & weaker section people in Mohana block Gajapati district.
The district of Gajapati has one of the lowest literacy rates in the state. Moreover the literacy rate among the marginalized community is even lower. There are only a few educated youths belonging to marginalized community like SC, ST & backward caste community. Many a times these youths lose out on jobs as they are not very well skillful. So the organization in association with CAPART, undertook a programme to provide training in Computer Education in Mohana Block of Gajapati district under the programme people in Mohana block of Gajapati district. Under the programme, the organization provided Diploma Course in Computer Education to 100 dalit & adivasiyouths. After the training programme all the youths have found suitable job opportunities.